UTF8 to Shift_JIS in Javascript


The TextEncoder() in js does not support Shift_JIS, which means you may need to find some alternative ways to turn UTF-8 Japanese/Kana character into Shift_JIS encoding format for further handling in your use-case (such as FeliCa chip personalisation).

 To verify whether a pair of hex values is in SJIS format - use this site. [1] 

Know more about Japanese Character Set

See this presentation by MySQL.

Half-width Katakana in UTF-8

In Unicode, half-width katakana, which is called as hankaku (半角), is represented from position U+FF61 to U+FF9F.
FF70 ソ

Existing library

If you cannot use external library for any reason

  • Implement yourself  - use mapping, you can take reference to this script [2] 



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[1], [2], [3]