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Ways to test port connections & ports occupied by Windows services

Test Port Connection Powershell Host Port Test-NetConnection  localhost -Port 9010       - OR - New-Object System.Net.Sockets.TcpClient(" localhost ", 80 )   Find out the port occupied by which application / service   1. Find out the process ID Netstat -aon | findstr [port]   2. Find the application name by PID Tasklist | findstr [pid]

(Low cost / No Cost) Hario Skerton burr wobble fix / mod

 Photo from Reddit Post   Before modification, Skerton gives an inconsistent grind size and people may look for more expensive grinder for espresso. Long story short, here is the quick fix with low cost / no cost: The inconsistent is caused by the burr wobble - so we need to fix the shaft to make sure the bottom burr stays in position at all time.    All you need is a straw / paper straw as spacer.    Result: